[2016] Ninety From The '90s Payphone Hack: I hacked a payphone to play dreadful '90s music, and only dreadful '90s music.
I got my hands on some cast-iron city grade payphones. I curated a collection of dreadful '90s, created a directory, and hacked the payphone to play the music either over the handset or as a jukebox. The phone senses when people walk close to it and starts ringing, inviting them to pick up and listen.
The internet liked this one! Front page of reddit and lots of hype: Hackaday, The Next Web, Hackers.io, Arduino Blog.
I also open sourced the project.
Find the step-by-step guide here -> https://www.instructables.com/id/90s-Payphone-Boombox-Hack/.
Many people were able to follow my DIY instructions to create thier own. Check this one out.